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TMS Business Masterclass is now online


In November 2019, TMS Days 2019 took place in both Düsseldorf, Germany and Wevelgem, Belgium. It was the biggest TMS event ever, with three full days in two different cities, and team members from nine different countries around the world.

It was a face-to-face event and even before the event started many people from all over the world approached us asking if they could watch the content online since they could not travel to attend the event in person.



Well, now also for the first time, parts of a TMS event is now available to be watched online. You will have the opportunity to watch both TMS Business Masterclass days in full length – the one which took place in Düsseldorf and the one which took place in Wevelgem.

We also tried to provide you with high quality material:

  • Audio from instructor is clear and the screen recordings are there, of course;
  • A second camera showing the instructor is also present to give you a more immersive feeling and get a more personal touch;


  • Questions from the audience was not very audible, but we took the effort to subtitle most of the questions so you could follow and understand everything that was being discussed!


  • The full recording was fully reviewed and broken into several smaller pieces, so you don’t have a big chunk of 8 hours recording, but very small “lessons” and the subject discussed in each of them. Some are broken to the length of only a few minutes. So you can get really focused and productive on finding content!


Follow the links below to get more info about the course, pictures of the event, view the full course content structure, watch some preview videos for free, and of course, enroll to the course!

TMS Business Masterclass in Düsseldorf ($49)

TMS Business Masterclass in Wevelgem ($49)

TMS Business Masterclass Bundle ($79)

Enrollment is $79 for both courses, or just $49 for one course. Of course, all the attendants of the event in Düsseldorf or Wevelgem get free access, not only for the attended day, but for both. Another perk for the attendants!

To finish this post, watch this personal-favorite excerpt below. When building Delphi classes, do you prefix field names with an uppercase “F”? 😉

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