High DPI support in Delphi 11, and why it does matter

Delphi 11 (and RAD Studio 11) is just around the corner! It’s been announced in July, promoted in August, and now in September Marco Cantu has provided a public preview of the next major version of our beloved development tool. Well, maybe when you are reading this, it might be already released. There are several …

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Developing Delphi libraries: behind the scenes

A recent TMS Software blog post has announced a new webinar series called TMS BIZ: Behind the scenes with Wagner Landgraf.

First one will be held next August, 26th, 16h UTC, at the TMS Web Academy. You can register for free to watch it!.
The proposal is to have a casual, relaxed conversation with Wagner Landgraf about the recent experiences in developing with Delphi. The main focus will be TMS Business product set, which include libraries like TMS XData, TMS Aurelius, TMS Scripter and more. But this is just because that’s Wagner’s main focus of work.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) SDK for Delphi

Amazon Web Services

A new relevant open source project is now available for Delphi community on GitHub: AWS SDK for Delphi.
The AWS SDK for Delphi enables Delphi developers to easily work with Amazon Web Services and build scalable solutions with Amazon SES, Amazon SQS, and more

A Windows-native, tristate checkbox TTreeView control

Recently I had to create a Delphi VCL form with a tree-like control. It should be a piece-of-cake with Delphi: just dropped a TTreeView control on the form and I was almost there. But there was one gotcha: I wanted to have checkboxes in each node. Worse: checkboxes that could hold three different states (checked, …

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A new Embarcadero MVP has arrived!

I’m honored to say that I’ve been recently regarded as an Embarcadero MVP and joined the team – the MVP directory now includes Wagner Landgraf as an MVP.