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Embarcadero Conference 2019 in Brazil: Meet the NFC-e Issuer in the Cloud


On October 22nd, 2019, there will be another edition of Embarcadero Conference. It’s the biggest Delphi event of the world, and happens in São Paulo, Brazil. There are hundreds of attendants.

In this edition, just like last year, there will be seven simultaneous sessions, all happening in the same auditorium. You choose which session to listen by selecting the audio channel in your headphones. The full session list is available in the site of the event.

With som many sessions happening at the same time, you get even anxious to choose which want to watch. But if there is one that you cannot miss, it’s this one we are going to suggest.

Our speaker, Wagner Landgraf, will be presenting the session “Anatomy NFC-e issuer in the cloud (REST API). Oh yes, we are recommending our own session. But that’s just a coincidence, it will be very interesting, believe me!

Why “in the cloud”?

Ok, let’s anticipate some content here. Why of the reasons is the “why”. NFC-e is a legal digital document in Brazil, and when we issue such a document in the cloud, we have several advantages compared to the issuing of the same document in a local desktop or mobile application:

  • One single and centralized place to configure the issuing environment (installation of certificates, configuration of cryptography libraries, etc.)

  • Minimizes the risk of problems and support cost: you don’t have to configure hundreds of client environments

  • Much easier system update and maintenance: you also don’t need to manage all the clients.

  • You can issue NFC-e from any platform (from a desktop Windows application, a mobile application, or even from Rasperry PI, who knows?). All you need is internet connection and HTTP communication on that platform.

  • t’s easier to develop clients in other platforms. No need to be able to port and compile several 3rd party libraries needed for the document issuing, like ACBr, FastReport, FortesReport, cryptography dlls or tools, etc.

Can you disclose a little bit more?

To give you a tease of what will be presented, here are some screenshots of the API that we will show and explain at the event:



Not only that…

This will be a really interesting session. There will be an additional surprise that for sure will be very interesting for all those who work with Delphi and deal with such legal Brazilian documents. That’s just the beginning… See you at Embarcadero Conference 2019!

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