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Databases inside Delphi Ecosystem: Webinar


On October 10, Softacom is holding a webinar on “Databases inside RAD Studio & Delphi ecosystem. Migration process (legacy to up-to-date, to another RDBMS), data layer architecture (ORM), data access architecture (REST API)”.


Wagner Landgraf from will be one of the speakers, talking about how database access evolved in Delphi since the early versions, Object Relational Mapping (TMS Aurelius), REST API Servers (TMS XData) and remote database access (TMS RemoteDB).

Serge Pilko

Embarcadero MVP & CEO of Softacom – Enterprise digital transformation & software modernization services expert

Wagner Landgraf

CEO of / TMS Software Partner / TMS Business Product Manager

Bruno Fierens

Embarcadero MVP & CEO of TMS Software – Main player as Delphi and C ++ Builder 3rd party vendor

What will you learn

For CEO / Owner / CTO / IT – Director / Product Manager:

  • Up-to-date Delphi solutions and frameworks for communications with databases;

  • Pitfalls of migration to up-to date or another type of RDBMS;

  • Cutting-edge Delphi-related solutions and practices for RDBMS;

  • Arguments, why you have to use Delphi and RAD Studio for your multi-tier applications;

For Developers and Technical Specialists:

  • Best practices for developing data access layers for RAD Studio projects;

  • How to use ORM for Delphi projects;

  • How to develop REST API server as DB facade;

  • Insights, tips and tricks for the app developers from the first mouth of DB tools and DB framework developers;

Webinar Highlights:

  • Most popular data access patterns 10-15 years ago and today;

  • Pitfalls of migration legacy versions of RDBMS to up-to-date versions;

  • Pros and cons of migration to ORM instead of using regular practices;

  • ORM for Delphi ─ TMS Aurelius from TMS Software. Pros and cons of the solution;

  • Pros and cons of migration to REST API instead of using “classic” DB access;

  • REST API server for Delphi ─ RAD server. Pros and cons.

For webinar attendees only!

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