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What I liked about Delphi/Rad Studio 10.3.2 update


Embarcadero has just released a new Delphi Rio version (which means also Rad Studio and C++ Builder): version 10.3.2. It’s a minor update – meaning product codename is still “Rio”, and it’s binary (DCU) compatible with previous 10.3.1 version.

Why then, an article about a minor update? Usually minor updates contain just bug fixes and small improvements, however it’s not the case of this one. I will mention here two improvements that I personally found significant. It’s also worth mentioning that Embarcadero has recently published the updated Rad Studio roadmap – May 2019 which lists the probable new improvements in upcoming major versions. Now to the improvements in this release:

macOS 64-bit support

Delphi 10.3.2 finally supports macOS 64-bit platform. If you develop macOS applications with Delphi, you know how much this is important.

Apple has been planning moving all macOS applications to 64-bit for years and informing users and developers that 32-bit macOS applications will be deprecated soon. And the time has come. When using macOS Mojave and trying to run 32-bit applications (the ones built with Delphi until 10.3.1, for example), users are receiving the following message:


I would say that your application wouldn’t give much confidence to the user, do you agree? And, finally, in next macOS release, macOS Catalina (10.15), 32-bit applications will simply not work anymore.

Thus, if you develop (or intend to develop) macOS applications with Delphi, it’s a relief to know that you won’t have those problems anymore: just build 64-bit macOS applications and everything is going to be alright!

IDE stability and performance

Another improvement that is worth mentioning is the significant improvement in IDE stability and performance. First Delphi Rio version brought us a refreshed IDE, with dark theme and more modern visual. But there were also issues: flickering, strange visual “effects”, slowness, the screen was redrawn several times when you resized the window, among other things.

That was significantly improved in this new update. If you are already using previous Delphi Rio 10.3 or 10.3.1, I believe you will notice the difference, with a smoother and snappier IDE in this regard.

Delphi Rio 10.3.2 is already available! There are many other improvements besides the ones mentioned above. If you are already using this new update, leave a comment telling what do you think about it!

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