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An interesting discussion about data replication with TMS Echo


This one is another one of many interesting discussions we had at the TMS Business Masterclass in Düsseldorf. One of then was the funny discussion about class fields having their name prefixed with uppercase “F” or not.

Now this one is a little bit more technical, but also interesting nonetheless. The session was about database data replication using TMS Echo, and the topic was how the changes are send (moved) from one peer (node) to another.

The question raised was about the “server”, or the “controller” which orchestrates all this “moving” of data changes. I replied that there is no “server” (in the sense that there is no central orchestrator, the system is distributed and can operate independent from other nodes), only to contradict myself few minutes later saying that a “server” is needed (but then I – hopefully – explained the contradiction).

A funny and interesting discussion, I hope you enjoy it, and, after you watch the video, I raise the question to you: Is there a server, or not? Leave your comment!

By the way, the complete content of the event is available here: TMS Business Masterclass Online.

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